Friday, November 12, 2010

How does Skype work, and how is it different from regular web cams?

Answer 1:

A web cam is a camera connected to a web address – you connect to the site and see the cam. Skype is a “picture phone” connection – you see the person you’re talking to.

The thing you have is a camera, not a web cam. (A web cam is a camera connected to a web site address.) If you have Skype (the program), you can video chat with anyone else who has Skype, as long as you both have cameras connected to your computers.

Answer 2:

uh, skype is not a webcam, it’s a free VOIP (voice over internet protocol) application. Basically, you’d need a microphone, a webcam, skype and a skype account and you’re ready to roll

“Also, if a friend has Skype, and I have a plain web cam, can we still video-chat?”

No, you’d need to get Skype and register for an account

Skype is free if you just use to video chat with friends who also use skype. You’d have to pay if you want the mobile and land-line service (you know, be able to call your friends’ home phone and cell phone directly from your computer using Skype.)

Pretty simple, isn’t it? :)

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